Friday, December 9, 2011

He sees you when you're sleeping...

No, not your creepy neighbor or stalker ex-boyfriend...I'm talking about the big man in red- Santa Claus. This time of year, I name-drop Santa about as often as Lindsey Lohan calls her attorney. My mini-mes are at a perfect age for the Christmas hype, and all of the lies magic that goes along with it.

Now, Santa is very busy getting ready for the 25th, churning out Barbie dolls and iPods, negotiating contracts with the Elf Union, and promising Mrs. Claus a new Louis Vuitton if she would just bake him one more dozen of her Red Bull-laced gingerbread men cookies. To help him out sort out his naughties and nicies, Santa has sent a slightly spooky and very cute little elf down to live with many of us. "Elf on a Shelf" is an awesome idea, thought of by a mother/daughter team who created a little helper who goes to live with families during the Christmas season to make sure that everyone is on their tip-top behavior. The kit comes with a book that tells the story of how your elf is a magical little guy who must never be touched by children, and who travels to the North Pole each evening to report back to Santa whether or not you were nice to your parents, ate all your veggies, bit your sister, etc.

This is our 3rd Christmas with our elf. Bella named him "Finn" which I think is a pretty elf-tastic name. Finn just made his grand reappearance this week at our house, and so far he is working wonders, God bless his strange little soul. The highlight of our morning is Finn-finding...that sneaky little elf has been found sneak-attacking Spiderman, hoarding chocolate chip cookies, and joy riding under the Christmas tree with two blonde bimbos Barbies in a pink Corvette.

I know Finn is a temporary fix to my little monsters' affinity for non-sharing and mess making, but in this oh-so-stressful holly jolly season, unless Supernanny is coming to the 12590 sometime soon, I'll gladly take all the help I can get.

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  1. I CAN'T wait until I can use that Elf....mine are still to young to threaten with Santa.... :0)